Some Monday Links

David Beisel on the "Concurrent Startup Idea Generation and the Pervasive Copycat Fallacy". Someone else is working on your idea and you're far better served by talking and networking than being quiet.

Scott Converse from ClickCaster on starting a company: You're over 40 and you want to start your first company. Now what?. Starts off as a riff on Fred's post about founders over 40, but Scott expands and most of his best points are not about age.

Brad Feld sums up why iPods are a bad platform for podcasting.

Carnival of the Mobilists 72 is up.

Yahoo paid $52 million for Bix? I'm not getting something here, I don't think Bix had an audience yet and the technology is merely OK. I had put this one at ~$10-20 million.

NYT on cell phone video.

Speaking of the New York Times... How cool is this picture?

Finally, I've been a San Jose Sharks fan since the came into existence. I was a season ticket holder from 1991 until I left the bay area in 2004.

Ron Wilson needs to be fired. He actually needed to be fired after the Edmonton series last year, but better late than never.