Another Crazy Week

Today (Monday) is pretty quiet. A few meetings and getting our new (sublet) office space in Portland set up.

Tuesday: A few meetings during the day, then a seminar with the Maine Software Developers Association (MESDA) Telecommunications SIG.

Wednesday: Speaking at a lunch in Portland, hop on a plane to Chicago, rent a car and drive to Madison Wisconsin.

Thursday: ONA Regional Conference. Drive back to ORD at the end of the day.

Friday Morning (0400), drop off car and catch 0600 flight to JFK.
Personal Democracy Forum Conference in NY

Saturday: PDF unconference.

Sunday: Fly home

All this time I've also got to be preparing for the following week when we've got some meetings and presentations setting up operational stuff. I'm really glad I got to take the girls to the Seadogs game yesterday (despite the pain of watching them blow a 6-1 lead to lose 12-6).

At 2 PM yesterday I got an email from a VC we're working with. I thought I had a meeting with the VC and a potential partner at 4PM in Portland, I was wrong, the meeting was at 4PM in Waltham. I drove like mad and just made it. Add an extra 4 hours in the car to the madness.