Rethinking my Indoor Strategy

I have been growing increasingly frustrated with my indoor shooting over the last few weeks. I started the season off pretty strong (close to 270) but for the last few weeks I have been in the low 250s. So I decided to change things up.

New arrows. I was shooting long, slow 2312s that were basically point on. The problem with these is if my form was not perfect on every shot the price I paid was significant. The secondary problem is I was getting a lot of glance offs and with a long slow arrow those ended up in the 5 ring.

I have switched over to Lightspeed 3Ds (500 spine) with 70 grain points and 5 inch shield cut fletches. These are somewhat narrower and a LOT faster. They group better and are much less prone to glance offs.

I have also switched over to shooting my CD Archery WFX25 riser (the long bus).

I shot about 60 tuning arrows today, playing around with point weight, crawl, and plunger settings. My last few ends were all in the gold. My very last practice end was an X-X-10.So far so good. They are grouping well. When they do glance off it ends up in the 8 rather than the 5. They are much more forgiving to my flaws as an archer.

ArcheryErik Schwartz