My industry doesn't do publications in the strict canonical academic sense. While I have written thousands of pages of specifications, market requirements documents, product roadmaps, and product manifestos, they remain the proprietary intellectual property of my past employers. But the press has written a lot about products I have built. A selection of those clippings, a few blog posts I have written, and a patent application are below:

BitTorrent Live
The Goldilocks Paradox and the Challenge of Live Online Broadcasting - BitTorrent Blog - March 2, 2016

BitTorrent Live: Multichannel App for Live and Linear Programming Unveiled at INTX - BitTorrent Blog - May 17, 2016

Long in the Making, BitTorrent Live Is Finally a Reality - - May 17, 2016

BitTorrent brings its free Live streaming service to Android - IDG - January 27, 2017

BitTorrent News
BitTorrent News Streams the RNC - New York Times - July 21, 2016

BitTorrent to launch streaming news channel at Republican convention - Politico - July 13, 2016

Track that bias: New app visualizes cable news topics live - GigaOm- July 20, 2011

Synchronize.TV wants to Kill the News Ticker -NewTeeVee  - May 16, 2011

US Patent Application US 20090181614 - Method and system for providing playback of digital audio content available through a computer network

"Foneshow Breaking News" Introduced to Broadcasters - Marketwire - April 23, 2008

Foneshow blog archives