My New Job

On March 20, 2018, at a press conference in NYC we announced The Alliance of America Football. We are a spring football league that plays its first game on February 9th of 2019. The company was founded by Charlie Ebersol. The Football side of the business is being run by Bill Polian (Football Hall of Fame, won the Super Bowl with the Indianapolis Colts, took the Bills to four Superbowls). Also working on the football side we have Justin Tuck, Troy Polamalu, Hines Ward, Jared Allen, and JK McKay. We have a deep bench of patient investors including Founder’s Fund, Peter Chernin at Chernin group, and many others including VC firms and former NFL players.

So what am I doing working for a football league? I am leading the team that is building the digital platform. It is 2018, if you want to broadcast sporting events these days you want to broadcast them on the internet. It is an amazing combination of what I did at BitTorrent with live video, combined with what I did at Synchronize.TV with second screen apps and synched data overlays, combined with what I developed with Situational Statistics for football stats. It truly gives me the perfect sandbox for the kind of re-imagining of TV on which I have spent my career.

Imagine what an internet-first broadcaster tightly integrated with a sports league could mean. Fantasy sports can be deeply integrated into the broadcast. We can expand fantasy sports from daily fantasy to real time fantasy. Want to customize the stats you see on screen? Not a problem. Don’t want to see any stats or fantasy stuff on screen? You can make it all go away. Want to share clips from the game on your social networks in real time? We have the rights to do that. Want to invent new ways to monetize sports TV? We are working on that too. Want to reward viewers for time spent watching? Want fans be able to directly appreciate players and teams? It is all on the table.

We have a blank slate for re-inventing sports television (and live television in general). We will deconstruct live TV and re-make it for the 21st century. We are not trapped by legacy distribution agreements, financial models, or production processes. We intend to be bold in what we try. 

We are hiring engineers. Agile folks who have experience with some combination of c++, ffmpeg, c#, game devs (unity), iOS, Android, OTT devices, fantasy sports, and web devs (front end and back end).

Erik Schwartz