This is my circus, these are my monkeys

I was born in Castro Valley, California

We moved to Wayland, Massachusetts when I was two

We spent a year living in the UK while my dad did research at the Altas Computing Laboratory in Oxford

We lived in Lincoln and Truro for most of my childhood

We spent time living in Paris while my dad did research at Université Paris Diderot

Living in Paris at age 15 was a formative part of who I am now

My parents were the housemasters of Bexley Hall at MIT so I spent most of my adolescence living in a college dorm on the MIT campus

I spent the first year of college at Hampshire College in Amherst

But one cannot avoid fate and I moved back to Cambridge to go to MIT

After college I moved to Silicon Valley. Eventually I migrated to San Francisco (long before the rest of the tech community did) 

I got married and we spent time in Iesa, south of Siena in Italy

When I retired we moved to Bath, Maine

When I un-retired we moved back to Silicon Valley


Some Places I Have Lived