So here we are

Our private beta is off to a grand start; we'll be adding more listeners over the next two weeks.

Many of you have asked: "So what is a FoneShow?".

Well, FoneShow is a platform for facilitating the rapid propagation of short form audio to mobile devices.

"Gee" you might say, "that sounds an awful lot like podcasting"

There are similarities. It's certainly what podcasting was supposed to be. Whether podcasting has succeeded is open to debate.

So the short answer to "what is it that FoneShow does?" is that we enable podcasting to be consumed via the cell phone. We've created a better platform for people and organizations to use audio to communicate with people.

We'll be using this blog to talk about the things we believe and to evangelize our views, in addition to communicating with our users and other interested parties. We'll also talk a bit about the life of a start up

Erik Schwartz