Let me introduce the band

It's a small band right now, just a duo actually. When you're a two person company, both team members wear many hats.

On engineering, Nic Wolff, a Perl hacker from New York City. Nic's done a lot of interesting stuff over the years; if you google him you can find out about some of it.

On product, Erik Schwartz. Erik spent 14 years in Silicon Valley. Most notably he led the Entertainment Group at Yahoo! from its inception, and managed the launch of the core suite of products. He also realized that casual games was a place Yahoo! needed to be, and made it happen (even though Y! Games is a communities product, it remains to this day in the Entertainment Group). Erik now lives in Maine with his wife and two little girls.

The company is virtual right now, that is to say we have offices in Bath, Maine and New York City, plus we do an annual offsite summer development fest in Truro, Massachusetts. A small team, rural broadband, video conferencing, IM, cell phones (duh) and cheap, regular flights on JetBlue allow us to be very productive with minimal infrastructure (overhead).

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