The daily email news from Eric Rhodes at Radio Ink magazine included the following passage:

The Big Enchilada: Accountability
Just as innovation in radio often comes from smaller markets (necessity is the mother of invention), advertising trends usually emerge from big markets. What Madison Avenue does trickles down to Main Street. And advertising trends are alarming for radio. Accountability is what advertisers want -- and guess where they find it? Online media. National brands love the idea that you can track how many clicked, what they viewed, and what they bought. It's the ultimate seduction for advertisers, and they are abandoning traditional "non-click" media at a rapid pace.

Major brands are making statements like, "TV, newspapers, radio, and outdoor are no longer attractive to us unless they can offer the same accountability and data tracking offered by online media." This, my friends, is the big enchilada. This theory of advertising has hit Madison Avenue in a big way, and it is already starting to trickle down to the local level. That's why radio, a local medium, needs to heed the warning to become an interactive medium. It's not because we're losing listeners (we're not); it's because advertisers at the smallest, local level will demand the ability to measure data.

Detailed metrics were built into Foneshow from day one, we can tell you the demos of who listened to your ad. Not an estimate, the specific people (minus names of course). Furthermore, our CPC advertising (cost-per-click, or in our case cost-per-call) provides the ultimate in accountability. Advertisers pay only for demonstrative results.