What's in the Daily News?

I'll tell you what's in the Daily News...

Foneshow is in the New York Daily News. Read all about it here.

I talked with David Hinkley a few weeks back about the state of the radio business. Here's a quote:

But in the bigger picture, says Erik Schwartz, radio is moving too slowly and too often in the wrong direction.
Specifically, he says, "Radio has to stop thinking it is in the broadcasting business and realize it's the content business."
That's not a small distinction. He means that despite the fact companies often paid hundreds of millions of dollars for transmitters, those transmitters "are getting less valuable by the day."
Because every day, more of the audience gets radio info some way - the Internet, cell phones, whatever - that doesn't require a broadcast signal.
But, he adds, that's also the good news. "People still want audio content, which means there will always be an audience for a good radio station," he says. "That may mean more talk and sports because those are unique to your station. If you play music, you can't just play songs. An iPod does that. You need personality."

PS: Apologies for the slightly obscure Guys and Dolls reference, I played Nathan Detroit back in high school and never quite got over it.