Customer Support

We get a lot of email from people using the Foneshow service. We try to answer their questions as best we can.

Yesterday we received the following from a listener:

A few weeks ago, on Dr. Paster's show, I heard a recipe for pork tenderloin that called for demi glace. The website said demi glace was available at specialty food shops in Madison. The only place I've found it (Williams Sonoma) charges $29 for 10.5 ounces! Ouch!

Can you suggest other specialty food shops either in Madison or online that might have it more reasonably priced?

Nic immediately responded:

Hi - This is probably a better question for Dr. Paster, we just
deliver his shows to the cellphone! You can order reduced demi-glace
(which the French would call "glace de viande") on-line, but it's
always expensive - it takes a lot of time and meat to make it! One
often-recommended brand is Demi-Glace Gold from
, and it's $34 for 16 oz - but remember, that'll reconstitute to about
11 cups of demi-glace as used in recipes.

Best of luck, and thanks for listening!

We try harder.