VC Funding

After a year of bootstrapping, we've, closed a (slightly oversubscribed) series A round of venture funding. Our investors include CEI Community Ventures, Masthead Venture Partners, the Small Enterprise Growth Fund of Maine. They're joined by some angels and other private equity. Mike Gurau from CCVI and Steve Smith from MVP will be joining our board. There's a ton of people to thank and I know I'll forget some, so I'm not going to try to name everyone. There is one person I do want to particularly thank, my old friend and Yahoo! colleague, Matt Rightmire. Matt made the introductions for us to CCVI, MVP, and SEGF; all three invested (thanks Matt!).

Also we're hiring (and we can actually pay). More detailed descriptions will be available soon. But broadly speaking we need;

BizDev, particularly with experience in the news/talk radio space, or working with political campaigns.

Podcast community liaisons. People with contacts/cred in the podcast space to evangelize the power of what we're doing.

A product manager to lead Foneshow Groups efforts

Engineers with mason, perl and/or asterisk experience.

Really bright people who can bring things to the table that we don't see yet.

We've got a ton of work ahead of us and we're really looking forward to building out the team and executing the plan.

You don't have to be in the valley to raise Venture Capital.