Foneshow Enhancements

We've added two new features to the core functionality of the Foneshow listener experience. Both of these features help with shows that run a bit long.

The first is high speed playback. The listener gets into high speed playback mode by pressing the 6 key on their phone. When playing back in high speed, the audio is played 25% faster than normal speed playback. We pitch-shift the sound down so that it doesn't get all "mickey mouse" on you. Pressing the 6 key again returns playback to normal speed.

There are many times when a listener wants to scan through a show. Sometimes the host is a bit too wordy. Sometimes the host speaks really slowly. Sometimes the listener just wants to get to a particular part of the show. The fact is most people can process listening to audio at a much higher rate than many people talk.

The listeners we have testing this feature use it all the time and the feedback has been great. There is some sound quality loss in high speed play; we're working on improving that.

The second feature that went live last week allows a listener to pick up where they left off when they dial into a show for a second time. This allows a listener to break up longer pieces of programming into shorter chunks that they can consume over multiple calls. This makes consuming longer form programming far more appealing on the Foneshow platform (especially combined with high speed playback). This also means that if you are interrupted and hang up in the middle of a show, you don't have to fast-forward through the whole show to find your place again.