Digital Bedouins

There's a story in the San Francisco Chronicle today about the rise of coffee shop centric virtual companies.

Foneshow is currently a virtual company and we intend to stay that way as long as we can. Being virtual does great things for cash conservation for early stage companies.

"A new breed of worker, fueled by caffeine and using the tools of modern technology, is flourishing in the coffeehouses of San Francisco. Roaming from cafe to cafe and borrowing a name from the nomadic Arabs who wandered freely in the desert, they've come to be known as "bedouins."

San Francisco's modern-day bedouins are typically armed with laptops and cell phones, paying for their office space and Internet access by buying coffee and muffins."

Of course, it's not just in San Francisco...

Some of our favorite places are:

Cafe Creme, a coffee shop in Bath, Maine near my house there. It's my office.

Frontier Cafe and Cinema, a fabulous lunch place and art film house in Brunswick, Maine. Awesome sandwiches, great views of the Androscoggin River and ample power outlets.

O'Natural's restaurant in Portland, Maine. Great food, could use more power plugs.

McNally Robinson Bookstore Teahouse in NYC.

The Starbucks on 8th street between 5th and University in NYC.