Beyond Broadcast 2007

I'm going to be down in Cambridge next Saturday for Beyond Broadcast conference.

From the conference description:

"For 50 years broadcast media have played a powerful role in shaping political culture and mediating citizen engagement in the democratic process. Now a participatory culture is putting the tools of media creation and critique in the hands of citizens themselves. We invite you to MIT—to explore the means, the message, and the meaning of the post-midterm, pre-presidential YouTube moment."

We're hard at work on the Foneshow platform creating tools for political candidates to communicate with the people and people to communicate with candidates. We're excited to see what others are thinking and get their feedback on what we're doing. If you're going to be there track me down.

Just as an example of what we're talking about.

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The only bummer is Podcamp Toronto is the same weekend and I can't be two places at once.