The Continuing "Ideas" Meme

Brian Oberkirch has a great post.

Web app ideas are the new screenplays: everyone’s got one and wants to talk to you about it. There is a huge run on Web & social media expertise right now, and, like everyone else, I’m getting deluged with requests. And while I don’t mind signing an NDA (I have a standard confidentiality line in my work agreements), it doesn’t send the right signal to me when you think your idea has to be cloaked with an NDA before we talk about it.

Because your idea doesn’t matter.

We all have ideas. If you came over tonight and we threw something on the smoker and sat up all night and drank and chewed the fat, we’d end up with a half-dozen good Web-based business ideas by daylight. Thinking it up is easy. (Buy me a beer in SF this week and I’ll give you a free business idea. They are like candy.)

HT to Ev

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