Tips for Getting Hired

The key to the success of a start-up is the people who work there. We are very picky about who we hire. Here are some tips to help stand out.

1. Write a cover letter. Don't write a fluff cover letter. The cover letter is where you point out how your resume fits the job requirements. If you don't write a cover letter, we have to figure out why you might be a good candidate. You know why you'll make a good candidate, tell us why. This is your first chance to demonstrate to us your powers of persuasion. If you're a biz dev professional, and can't explain to us why you are a good fit, why should we think you can explain our products to partners?

2. Spell check. Spelling errors pretty much immediately kill a candidacy. It might seem petty, but if you lack the care and attention to detail to spell check your resume and cover letter, it is also likely you lack the care and attention to detail to work here.

3. Do some research. Read our blog. Try the product. Ask questions.

4. Have a passion. Any passion.