Some Screen Shots

A VC asked us for some screen shots of a cellular handset using Foneshow for their binder. I thought the blog readers might find them interesting. Click for larger (ie legible).

This is a notification SMS with a dynamically allocated embedded phone number.

From almost every handset made it's trivial to dial an embedded phone number. We used my Treo 700P for the pictures because it has a big bright screen. In fact it's even easier to dial a phone number embedded in an SMS with my usual demo phone (Nokia 2128i). With my demo Nokia I just hit send twice while reading the SMS and it dials the proper number.

This is a picture of my SMS archive. Notice how it essentially becomes an "RSS" reader for programming you're subscribed to. It becomes a menu of your currently available content. Kind of like bloglines for your Foneshows.

If you want to get SMS's like this and get Foneshows on your cell phone, you need to get into the beta. To get into the beta just email me with you name, cell number and cellular carrier and I'll set you up.