Erik's Obligatory iPhone Reaction Post

Looks cool.

EDGE? Non wifi browsing won't be fun.

No tactile feedback on the keyboard. I have to look at the keyboard while dialing/typing. That soft QWERTY keyboard is really tightly spaced.

I can't add my own applications?

No Java or Flash in the browser?

No wireless synch? Not even calendar or contacts via BlueTooth?

It's kind of big. Not so pocketable.

That screen+WiFi+BlueTooth is going to eat the battery before lunchtime.

I have a variety of opinions on the viability of mobile video, too many for this post.

It sure is pretty though...

I know this is iPhone version 1.0, but is it like iPod 1.0, or like Newton 1.0 ?

All that said, if Apple wants to send a unit over so that we can confirm Foneshow compatibility, I'll happily try it out (if I can wrestle it away from Nic).