A Few Updates

After a fair bit of user feedback we've swapped the functionality of the 8 and the 9 keys.

So to summarize, basic controls once you're listening to a show are:

Pressing 1- Skips back to beginning of current chunk.

Pressing 2 - Pause playback.

Pressing 3 - Skips forward to end of current chunk.

Pressing 4 - Skips you back 5 seconds, it's the "what did he just say" button, like on a tivo.

Pressing 5 - Clicking on the content, functional but not often hooked to anything right now.

Pressing 8 - If someone forwards a show, 8 allows the person who receives the show to subscribe to the series from their handset.

Pressing 9 - Allows you to forward the current show to another cell phone, press 9 and follow the prompts.

Pressing 0 - Plays the help file (that goes over all of this).

At the end of the show the system plays the most recent unheard show in the current series.

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