Getting Ready for Podcamp

I've got a busy week coming up...

Wednesday afternoon I fly down to New York. I've got several meetings on Thursday. Nic and I are going to the TechCrunch NYC party on Thursday night. Friday morning (at 6:45 AM, ouch) I'm off to to California for Podcamp West in San Francisco. We've got bunches of meetings set up with podcasters who want to use the platform (although we're always looking to talk to more...). At the un-conference we're going to be slowly opening up the beta to the public.

I'll be out in California for T-Giving with the family, and then spending the week after the turkey feast catching up with my SiliValley friends.

We've been getting a fair amount of attention from VCs recently. While we love to expand our network and chat about the product, we're really focused on execution right now. Our capital needs are minimal and the focus is on the product; we're trying to avoid distractions. We're not really looking for a large investment at this time. So outside of a quite small investment (100-200K), we're not currently in the market.

If you want to get together in the bay area, drop me an e-mail (if you want to get together in NYC, we can try, but the schedule is really tight).