Brevity is the Soul of Wit

Bloggers get it

It is the rare blog post that forces me to scroll. Blogging is content snacking, not content feasting. I can read an average blog post in well under a minute. Have you ever read a five page blog post?

Vloggers get it (most of them...).

Rocketboom: 3 minutes. ZeFrank: 4 minutes. Wallstrip: 4 minutes. Scoble tends to ramble a bit but even he seems to be getting better. Now, this may be an unintended consequence of YouTube wanting to keep their backend and copyright risks under control, which led them to limit the length of clips, but online video people tend not to be too verbose.

Attention spans have never been shorter.

So why, oh why, do podcasters insist on making 30-minute, 60-minute or even 90-minute shows? Have a point, make the point, support the point. Edit mercilessly.

Since programming is streamed on the FoneShow platform, we have very specific data about how many listeners are sticking around and for how long. After about 10 minutes, chances are you're talking to yourself.

Erik SchwartzFoneShow, brevity