These are older posts. Some on TV (up until 2010 or so). Before that they are mostly about starting up Foneshow.

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Online News Association

I'm on a panel on Saturday at the ONA conference in Washington D.C. On the Mobile Platforms panel we'll be talking about using mobile to create and distribute news content.

I'll be taking the minimalist and (probably) contrarian view that simple is better for mass adoption.


Catch up

I've had a great week out in Silicon Valley. My panel at Digital Hollywood went quite well. Met some terrific folks. Made some great connections that can help us going forward. I also had some interesting meetings with some former colleagues who really helped with some product positioning issues.

When I was at the Radio Conclave a while back I met Jerry Del Colliano. He understands where radio is broken and he's got some interesting ideas about how to fix it.

Here's a quote:

"Look, how can I say this? If radio has to rely on its transmitters and towers, it's all over. The next generation is not growing up with radio. Getting into the digital future involves investing money. And that's after you know how to invest it by learning about the next generation."
The whole thing is here.

I'm flying east today.


Travel and Speaking

I'm going to be in the Bay Area the week of August 4th. I'm on a panel entitled "Personalized Mobile Experience – Social Networking: Breakthroughs in Search, Messaging, Entertainment, Video Capabilities & Advertising" at the Digital Hollywood Building Blocks conference in San Jose. My panel is Wednesday the 6th from 3:50-5PM. If you're there, say hello.

I'm also setting some meetings with partners, friends and VC's.


NAB, Done - On to Silicon Valley

Foneshow had a great response at NAB. We launched our tool for local TV and radio stations to break news quickly to mobile. The whole team did great. My panel was fun, we had a good conversation, and I met some great people. We called in some friends of Foneshow to help cover booth hours. Liza totally rocked everything, we could not have done it without her.

I'm at the McCarran airport now headed to SJC. I'll spend the weekend hanging out with friends and family in the bay area. On Tuesday and Wednesday I'll be at Dow Jones Wireless Innovations 2008 (presenting on Wednesday).

After I get in to the bay area I'll post some photos from NAB and write more about Foneshow Breaking News.


Foneshow on the Road

Foneshow is presenting at a few upcoming events:

On April 8th I'm presenting at Venture Summit East in Boston.

Foneshow has a booth at NAB in Las Vegas April 13-17. I think I'm also on a panel, but I need to double check that.

I'm speaking at Dow Jones VentureWire Wireless Innovations conference on April 22 & 23 at the Sofitel in Redwood City, California.

We'll probably do something for Talkers in NYC in June.


More Travel

I'm heading out to Silicon Valley tomorrow. Thursday and Friday I've got a bunch of meetings with VC's, technology companies, and some of my old valley cronies. Then next Monday and Tuesday I'll be at at Radio Ink's Convergence conference with Nic and Jon Sinton. Foneshow will be exhibiting and I'll be presenting. Stop on by our display and get a demo of our new publishing tools and our nifty new publisher dashboard.

From California I'm going straight to Washington DC to Radio and Records Talk Radio Seminar.

We'll have a stack of LOI's at both of these events and we'd love to get you signed up to publish with Foneshow.



Jon Sinton and I are headed to Scottsdale next week to go to Al Peterson's Talk Media Conference. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with the talk radio community. We've got a few talkers already signed up to publish with Foneshow and we're looking for more. There's way more here than just piping your radio show onto the cell phone network. It's about extending your brand into the mobile space. It's about using the skill set you already have mastered (the power of your voice) to reach your audience in new ways.

If you're going to be in Scottsdale and want to find out more about Foneshow, let me know.

P.S. It will also be nice to escape from the Maine winter for a few days in the desert.


The Path Not Taken

This is the flight status of my original flight home yesterday. Yesterday afternoon (when the flight was already listed 2 hours late) I changed my flight to this morning and slept on Nic's couch.

As in entrepreneurship, luck, experience, and planning play a big part in life.



I'm in Boston now, just got out of a meeting. I'm going to the Bug Labs meetup in Cambridge tonight.

Tomorrow morning I fly to NYC for a bunch more meetings. Back in Maine on Friday.

Finally starting to do some radio industry biz dev...



I'm on the road for the next few days.

Tomorrow afternoon and Thursday morning I'm in New York.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I'm at the Podcast and New Media Expo out in LA meeting with podcasters. If you want to get together at PME, drop me an e-mail.


I'm in New York

We've got some meetings today and tomorrow with programming partners.


A Request for JetBlue

Please make your San Jose to Boston redeye (flight 470) leave a little later.

You guys know I love you. I've even forgiven you for leaving me at JFK for a few days last February (a few flights on United reminded me what really bad airline service was like). Like any "outside the valley" tech entrepreneur, the SiliValley redeye is a staple of my work life.

But a redeye that leaves at 9PM and arrives at 4:50AM defeats the purpose of a redeye. It leaves too early to fall asleep easily and it arrives too early to get anything done with your extra time in Boston.

If you could change the departure time to 11PM, many technology entrepreneurs in New England would be grateful.



Upcoming Conferences

September 28-30 Podcast Expo in Ontario, California (Just attending)

October 17-19 Online News Association in Toronto, Ontario (the real one in Canada, not the one in LA), (Erik is on a panel)

October 26-28, Podcamp Boston 2 (We'll certainly do a session, we may sponsor)

October 29-November 1, Fall-VON, Boston


Out in California

I'm out in California (the Bay Area). Having some meetings and catching up with friends of Foneshow. If you want to get together just drop me an email and we'll try to find time.


Erik is in Wisconsin

I'm in Madison at the Online News Association regional conference today meeting political stratgists and the people who cover them.

I'll be in New York City tomorrow.

FWIW, this is our 100th blog posting.


Another Crazy Week

Today (Monday) is pretty quiet. A few meetings and getting our new (sublet) office space in Portland set up.

Tuesday: A few meetings during the day, then a seminar with the Maine Software Developers Association (MESDA) Telecommunications SIG.

Wednesday: Speaking at a lunch in Portland, hop on a plane to Chicago, rent a car and drive to Madison Wisconsin.

Thursday: ONA Regional Conference. Drive back to ORD at the end of the day.

Friday Morning (0400), drop off car and catch 0600 flight to JFK.
Personal Democracy Forum Conference in NY

Saturday: PDF unconference.

Sunday: Fly home

All this time I've also got to be preparing for the following week when we've got some meetings and presentations setting up operational stuff. I'm really glad I got to take the girls to the Seadogs game yesterday (despite the pain of watching them blow a 6-1 lead to lose 12-6).

At 2 PM yesterday I got an email from a VC we're working with. I thought I had a meeting with the VC and a potential partner at 4PM in Portland, I was wrong, the meeting was at 4PM in Waltham. I drove like mad and just made it. Add an extra 4 hours in the car to the madness.


More Podcamp NYC Info

Great news. Podcamp NYC has just switched venues. They had maxed out the space at The New School so the organizers got a bigger space at The New Yorker Hotel at 481 8th Avenue at 34th Street.

So now you have no excuse not to come. Register now! Nic and I will be presenting Foneshow and talking about mobile podcasting (time TBA), come on by and join in.

Also... Just a quick shout out to John Havens who has done an awesome job putting this thing together.


More Travel

Nic and I are off to California this week. We're meeting with some strategic partners (we might have an announcement soon) and advisors. We might stop by eTel (or at least hang out in the bar). We've also got some meetings up on Sand Hill road.

We're flying JetBlue, I hope they don't let me down again.

If you want to get together while we're out there drop me a note.


Beyond Broadcast 2007

I'm going to be down in Cambridge next Saturday for Beyond Broadcast conference.

From the conference description:

"For 50 years broadcast media have played a powerful role in shaping political culture and mediating citizen engagement in the democratic process. Now a participatory culture is putting the tools of media creation and critique in the hands of citizens themselves. We invite you to MIT—to explore the means, the message, and the meaning of the post-midterm, pre-presidential YouTube moment."

We're hard at work on the Foneshow platform creating tools for political candidates to communicate with the people and people to communicate with candidates. We're excited to see what others are thinking and get their feedback on what we're doing. If you're going to be there track me down.

Just as an example of what we're talking about.

Get "Barack Obama Podcast" on your cell phone!

Just enter your cell phone number here

The only bummer is Podcamp Toronto is the same weekend and I can't be two places at once.


Finally Back in Maine

JFK was a mess. I spent 12 hours there yesterday.

JetBlue had a really bad day. They screwed up. The refreshing thing is that instead of getting defensive and making excuses, they readily admit they screwed up.

I finally get home to Maine this morning and the plows had plugged my driveway with a four foot deep snowbank. I get my shovel out to dig out the end of the driveway...

and my shovel handle breaks in two.


Off to the hardware store and then some meetings.