These are older posts. Some on TV (up until 2010 or so). Before that they are mostly about starting up Foneshow.


Radio Keeps Declining

Reblogged from SAI

In fact, radio has underperformed Wall Street's negative predictions in nine of the last 12 months--in most cases turning in a percentage drop at least double that forecast by analysts and investors.
The time to change in order to remain relevant is now.


Radio Beware

The end is nigh for the newspaper business.

If that photo (unapologetically stolen from SAI) doesn't sum it up, then nothing will.

Radio, look at this and see your potential future. If you insist on thinking you're in the broadcasting business and you think your FCC license and your transmitter are your greatest assets, then look to the newspaper industry to see your future in 3 years.

Realize you're in the audio content business. If you understand that your greatest assets are people who excel at educating, informing and entertaining an audience with just their mind and their voice then you'll move forward. Sitting back and trying to wait out the changing world will work as well for you as it did for the newspaper guys.

The business won't be the same. Broadcasting will be just one channel of distribution (an increasingly irrelevant channel). Your monetization models will change (more performance based ads and sponsorships). The industry might be smaller in terms of gross receipts but larger in terms of profits. The style of programming will change (it will be shorter and micro-chunked to facilitate P2P viral distribution). You'll have much less control over how your media is consumed but far better data about who is consuming it and why they listen.

But if you think your stick and your signal are your primary competitive advantages then you're doomed.

Edit: Just a quick follow up. Tribune is cutting 80 newsroom jobs.


The Power of Ubiquity

Google is launching a gTalk client for the iPhone. While that's terrific, some of the reaction to it is over the top. Some in the digerati to proclaim the death of texting via SMS is nigh.

They are wrong.

There are 3,000,000,000 cell phones in use.

There are 6,000,000 iPhones in use.

The iPhone is 0.2% of the cell phone market. If I want to text someone who doesn't have an iPhone (99.8% of the market) I have to use traditional SMS. But that's not the real problem. The real problem is that I don't know what kind of cell phones my contacts carry. That uncertainty will prevent me from trying to reach them via that channel.

Being ubiquitous is powerful. Working on every device is imperative.

Rhetorical question: If Google launched a web app that only ran on MacBook Air computers with solid state drives would that be a good business move for them?


Radio's Online Strategy Parties Like It's 1999

I just sat through a mind numbing session entitled the "wicked web" here at The Conclave.

The session could have been given in 1999. Not a mention of syndication. Not a mention of social news (which could be HUGE for radio). Not a mention of content sharing and embedding.

Truly sad.


Washington Post Borked

The Washington Post just borked their RSS feed resulting in subscribers to the series to get duplicate notifications for shows they had already received.

The RSS spec defines something called a GUID (Globally Unique Identifier). We publish things we see new GUIDs for. Podcast publishing systems tend to use file path as GUIDs. This is a horrible idea because if you change your file system structure, all your subscribers download additional copies of old shows.

We're going to rework this and create our own GUIDs from the audio file itself.

Sorry about that to all the WaPo subscribers


Talkers New Media

I'm in New York City today to attend the Talkers Magazine New Media Seminar. I'm looking forward to hanging with our friends from teh talk industry, particularly the Talk Radio News Service folks.

In a few weeks I'm going to be presenting at the McVay Media Summit@The Conclave in Minneapolis as one of the "Hot Ideas in Radio".

I look forward to seeing you there.


Foneshows from Mars


Todd Feinburg Gets It

Radio talk show host Todd Feinburg recently did an interview on blogtalkradio. Here's the great quote:

"If you want to be the next Paul Harvey, do it today and do it using Foneshow"
Here's the audio.

The radio business is about content, not about broadcasting. The media consumer's consumption preferences are changing.

It's about short content.

It's about on-demand content.

Radio has a brief window to leverage their broadcast assets to convert their listeners to on-demand consumption. If they wait too long they become irrelevant (how's the newsreel business these days?). The newspaper industry by and large did a terrible job of managing the transition to digital. Their failure was not quality of content, their failure was not understanding the consumption preferences of their audience.

You can listen to the whole story here.

Todd's site is here.


Another Review of Foneshow

BBGeeks did a review of Foneshow. Their review is also available as a podcast. Their podcast is naturally available on Foneshow.


Austin Hill's Campaign Update 2008

We're excited to be distributing Austin Hill's Campaign Update 2008. The show is published daily, they're one minute long, they're timely information about the presidential race, they've got an interesting historical twist.

There's more information here.

You can subscribe to Austin Hill's Campaign Update 2008 by clicking here.


1000 People a Minute

According to a piece in the NYT today 1000 people a minute are getting cell phones


Inside Radio Article

Mike Kinosian at Inside Radio Magazine just did a nice article on Foneshow. Interesting coverage of the product and the company.


AP Review

Associated Press did a favorable review of Foneshow.

They also did a video.


The Death of the Landline

From the AP:

For nearly three in 10 households, don't even bother trying to call them on a landline phone. They either only have a cell phone or seldom if ever take calls on their traditional phone.



HT to Seth Godin.


NAB Video

Holland Cooke stopped by the booth in Vegas and shot a little video.

Holland wears many hats.

Foneshow comes in at about 2:25.


NAB, Done - On to Silicon Valley

Foneshow had a great response at NAB. We launched our tool for local TV and radio stations to break news quickly to mobile. The whole team did great. My panel was fun, we had a good conversation, and I met some great people. We called in some friends of Foneshow to help cover booth hours. Liza totally rocked everything, we could not have done it without her.

I'm at the McCarran airport now headed to SJC. I'll spend the weekend hanging out with friends and family in the bay area. On Tuesday and Wednesday I'll be at Dow Jones Wireless Innovations 2008 (presenting on Wednesday).

After I get in to the bay area I'll post some photos from NAB and write more about Foneshow Breaking News.


NAB in Vegas

Almost the whole team is off to Las Vegas for NAB this week. We've even raided the farm team for some extra bodies.If you're coming to NAB be sure to drop by our booth (C452) for a demo of our new product (more on that on Monday).

I'm also on a panel on Monday at 10:30 (Mobile, Digital & Syndicated Content) at the RTNDA section of the show. Come on by for that too.


Getting Bigger and Bigger

CTIA just published new numbers for US cell phone usage (at the end of 2007).

84% market penetration

255.4 million subscribers

13.6% of households are wireless only (up from 8.4% in 2005)

2.1 TRILLION minutes used (you don't often get to use the word "trillion" unless you're talking about the US deficit)

363 Billion text messages.

All I can say is; "ZOUNDS this market is on fire!"


Foneshow on the Road

Foneshow is presenting at a few upcoming events:

On April 8th I'm presenting at Venture Summit East in Boston.

Foneshow has a booth at NAB in Las Vegas April 13-17. I think I'm also on a panel, but I need to double check that.

I'm speaking at Dow Jones VentureWire Wireless Innovations conference on April 22 & 23 at the Sofitel in Redwood City, California.

We'll probably do something for Talkers in NYC in June.